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No Booze for Bynes

7 years agoby: Cherry Liquor

Well, at least we won't have to worry about her pulling a Lindsay or a Paris or a Nicole or a Mischa... How sad it is that the list goes on. But Amanda Bynes, the now 22 year old and legal to drink hottie has admitted that she's a complete lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

"I'm not a big drinker. I puke every single time I get drunk," says Bynes. She also admits that she doesn't tend to go out and party on her birthdays because she's "...tired at night, and I don't have that energy." Could it be? Could there really be a professional in this business who's under the age of 65? Someone who does their day job well enough to tire themselves out so that we're not subjected to crotch shots of them getting drunkenly out of limos?

Personally, I really like Bynes. While I was too old to be watching it, I will admit that I thought her skit show "The Amanda Show" on Nickelodeon was funny and beyond her years for its time. I didn't watch her other TV show, whatever it was called because it was on that WB/CW/CVS whatever they're calling it now channel. But I still think she's a mighty fine young woman who has a future not filled with being the latest Madden skank arm candy. And she deserves praise for that.

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Extra Tidbit: Bynes ended up in comedy when her dentist father took her with him to The Comedy Store for a seminar in doing stand up. She was just a kid at the time, but looked at what was going on and basically said, "I could do that." Within a couple of years, she had her own TV show.
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