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No man would ever go soft with Jesinta Campbell at Man of Steel premiere

Jun. 26, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

I still have yet to see MAN OF STEEL. I only really hear people say, "Oh, woah, dude! It was badass! I don't know why everyone's hating it." or "No. It was stupid. That's great it's darker and has more action, but it was just stupid." Such a divisive stance on the film makes me that much more interested. 

Perhaps, if they got model Jesinta Campbell to advertise (or have been Lois Lane or perhaps a completely necessary all-nude extra in the film), a lot more people would be keen to appreciate the flick. Who is this chick? I don't know. Have I seen her before? I don't think so. Is she hot? Yarp. She's pretty good looking and if this is how she dresses when attending a movie, I wonder what she looks like when she goes to church or bowling or something. Anyway, enjoy the cleavage below. 

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Extra Tidbit: What's the worst movie you would sit through with this beauty?
Source: Egotastic

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11:18PM on 06/26/2013
never heard of this chick before, she is ok looking
never heard of this chick before, she is ok looking
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