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Nov. 25, 2008by: Cherry Liquor
You know what the world needs right now? No, not turkey and stuffing out of a box. Not even smashed potatoes with the skins left on. (Although, those are really damn good, especially with garlic in them.) What the world really needs is some more Eliza Dushku.

At first, I couldn't get the appeal of her, as I hated her character of Faith on "Buffy" and didn't see her go on to do anything interesting in her rebel young actress stage. But as time goes by, Eliza is adding more depth. She's still postponed on her Whedon directed "Dollhouse" series, but on December 5th, she'll be gracing the big screen in NOBEL SON. Even if her lovely assets can't get you to watch it, add in Alan Rickman as an askew professor with some screwy problems on his hands and a slew of other actors (from Bryan Greenberg to Mary Steenburgen to my favorite underappreciated character actor Shawn Hatosy) and you might just like the movie for more than the view.

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Extra Tidbit: All of this has been brought to you by a burning desire to post pictures of Eliza Dushku just "because" but also linking it to an actual project. Things to give thanks for...
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1:48PM on 11/26/2008
She and Salma are the hottest women in Hollywood.
She and Salma are the hottest women in Hollywood.
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12:31PM on 11/26/2008
Top 5 what also can I say
Top 5 what also can I say
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