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Now come see Irina Shayk getting dressed

Jan. 16, 2013by: Droz

If the sight of Irina Shayk in many bikinis wasn't quite enough for your viewing pleasure, then perhaps these candids of Irina getting dressed at some beach will do the trick. Funny thing to say, isn't it? After all, we tend to be more about the undressing when it comes to hotties like Irina. Who the hell wants to see a body like hers get shit put back on it? Somehow Irina's innate hotness manages to convert even mundane acts into moments of sublime sexual gratification. Of course, the fact that each part of the moment was broken down into still frames might have something to do with that. This only emphasizes each movement she makes as she gradually slides her tiny shorts up over her supple ass and through her long legs, simultaneously arching her back and thrusting out her perfect breasts with the warm sunlight glowing on her copper skin, her long hair blowing in the gentle offshore breeze as she presses her lips into a perpetual kiss. Yep, pretty sure this is the best getting dressed moment ever.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Also, if you view these in reverse order it looks like she's taking them off again. Bonus!

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