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A little more Natalie Portman, this time showing off her football enthusiasm

Oct. 22, 2012by: Droz

Though perhaps the word "little" isn't appropriate. I don't know what's behind Natalie Portman's gain in cleavage on the sidelines of yesterday's Baylor vs. Texas college football game, but it is rather impressive. That could be the residual effects of motherhood. Or it might just be some of that push up bra deception that wrecks many a guy's hopes and dreams once their magical lifting powers are switched off with the snap of a fastener. I can only assume that this appearance is part of her shooting schedule for the Terrence Malick movie she's making. If this recent streak of Natalie slutty hotness plays out well on screen, I think it just might help Terry might win back some of those folks who were put off by TREE OF LIFE. I know I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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Extra Tidbit: I do hope they plan to emphasize Natalie's sexy backyard the same way they're clearly showing off the front.

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Drool Back
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8:22AM on 10/23/2012
I like the blond hair better I think.
I like the blond hair better I think.
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