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Olga Kurylenko stuns the TCA Winter Panel for Magic City

Jan. 7, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
If you look closely at Olga Kurylenko with the cast of the Starz series "Magic City," as they were promoting it during the TCAs Winter 2013 panels, you can see that the actress is wearing next to no make-up whatsoever. She is quiet and polite when others are talking, listening in when someone is communicating a point about the show, and laughing as she engages in the questions targeted at the cast by the critics. You could have easily sold me on a 1950's mobster show where Jeffrey Dean Morgan headed up a group of uber-talented people. You could have sealed the deal even more by mentioning Olga was going to be in it. But seeing Kurylenko sit next to the seemingly ageless and still a complete babe, Kelly Lynch, has been frothing at the mouth to check this drama out now. What does everyone else think?

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Source: Lazy Girls

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Drool Back
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10:24PM on 01/07/2013
And my slavic fetish is reenforced!
And my slavic fetish is reenforced!
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