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Oliva Wilde is the awesomest girl on Earth

Oct. 9, 2012by: Droz

Last night out in NYC at Joe's Pub, there was a collection of monologues given by various women. One of them was the immaculate hottie, Olivia Wilde, who discussed pertinent topics relating to her vagina and how it determines where she goes and who she goes with in life. Suffice it to say that Olivia suspects her vag is on a 7-year window of penis acceptance - a feeling apparently stemming from her break up with her first husband. She went on to describe how the interval of time between the end of that relationship and the start of her new one with funny man Jason Sudeikis, was something of a "man-eating sex bender" which left her depleted with the man chicken and seriously considering "a soft kind of lesbian relationship, just gentle kissing and scissoring." Oh my god...

Just fainted there for a minute. I'm okay now though. Anyway, where was I? Right, lesbians. Olivia went on to discuss her relationship with Sudeikis, saying of their intimacy "we have sex like Kenyan marathon runners." Oh my gaaauhhhh......

Yeah, fainted again. Sorry. I'm gonna stop there and just say that Olivia is the greatest woman ever to have lived. And Jason Sudeikis is now my mortal enemy.

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