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Olivia Munn doesn't show the goods for Robocop, still looks fantastic

Feb. 11, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Wow. I didn't even know the remake of ROBOCOP came out so soon. I guess some other people were a little more ahead of the curve with Olivia Munn looking all cute and freckly at the premiere. While she's totally looking hot, the awful perverted side to me wishes that there was a little more skin exposed, but I can do without that for now, I suppose. Imagination is a great weapon. It kind of makes me pine for the days that Munn was back on G4. Yeah, I wasn't her biggest fan, but we got so many photoshoots of her looking uber-sexy and nowwe don't really have much besides these red carpets that happen every so often. Sigh. I'm sorry I didn't take full advantage of the situation, Olivia. Maybe, I'll write a movie about a geeky cosplayer who dresses up in sexy outfits. That's the whole movie. Yeah. And it'll end once you've tried on your hundredth costume. Yes! This is the best idea I've had since rewriting ROBOCOP and personally inviting Olivia to the premiere. God. If only I had remembered when it showed. Dammit.

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12:20PM on 02/11/2014
She looks like a really sex screensaver. :P
She looks like a really sex screensaver. :P
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