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Olivia Munn had a purpose at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

Sep. 5, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I like it when there are movies that decide to have an OnDemand release of a new movie at the same time that it's getting a limited release in theaters. At least, I love the option that I have with Mike Birbiglia's SLEEPWALK WITH ME (totally need to get on that and watch, pronto). When I dished out the $6 to watch THE BABYMAKERS, mainly because I'm a fan of Desi Lydic (who gets 5 good minutes in the movie and then is never seen from again), and definitely not because I was hoping that somehow Olivia Munn would suddenly surprise me with her untapped acting chops. I prefer to look at the experience in that she didn't let me down. Olivia has been looking fitter and more fabulous than ever, appearing at the GQ Men of the Year Awards where she wasn't just red carpet eye candy but there to present an award to Aaron Sorkin for his work on HBO's "The Newsroom." Hell, I had to look that up just to see whether or not Munn was on the show and it appears that she is. Along with Alison Pill and Emily Mortimer. Why do these casting people do this to me??

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Extra Tidbit: For those of you who have still been debating the "did she or didn't she?" question of implants, I'd have to say that I personally don't think she's had any enhancement done.
Source: Just Jared
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10:36AM on 09/05/2012
So Hot.
So Hot.
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3:14AM on 09/05/2012
I've always loved Munn.
I've always loved Munn.
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