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Olivia Wilde brings her magic eyes to the Wonderstone premiere

Mar. 12, 2013by: Droz

Olivia Wilde brought the THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE premiere train to LA last night, making stops at everyone's collective crotchal regions as she did so with her sexy dress and sexier eyes. Girl is a temptress, but I'm not so tempted by her movie. It just looks silly to me, in a bad way. Competing magicians in Vegas have to come together to defeat a plucky upstart? I'm getting a BLADES OF GLORY vibe from this, which is not good in my opinion. I can't get into these comedies with contrived plots from which the funny is supposed to burst forth. I much prefer it when comedy is extracted from a straightforward story, kind of like what Judd Apatow does. His movies are the perfect way to really let someone like Steve Carell or Jim Carry shine their brightest comically. Though I will give this movie credit for giving Olivia a chance to let her sexy, Mexican wrestler side shine.

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Source: Moe Jackson

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Drool Back
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11:23PM on 03/12/2013
Beautiful. One of my personal favorite hotties.
Beautiful. One of my personal favorite hotties.
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10:15PM on 03/12/2013


Always nice
Always nice
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