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Olivia Wilde has a RYOT at Tribeca

04.22.2013by: Droz

Olivia Wilde has moved up from actress and all about beautiful, cool and sexy goddess, taking on the new position of executive producer for a short movie currently screening at The Tribeca Film Festival. Produced by the RYOT news organization (thus the t-shirt), Olivia's film RIDER AND THE STORM follows the life of a World Trade Center iron worker and surfer who loses everything in hurricane Sandy and must rebuild his life. I've noticed a marked return to a slender body for Olivia in recent months. She chunked up a bit following her split from her ex awhile back. Now that she's about ready to get herself hitched again to SNL boy, I guess it was time to get in shape. She's gotta look her best for those wedding photos. Olivia will always be hot, but I think I like it better when her face is a little more filled out. Those powerful cheek bones and jaw line give her a distinctive quality, but sometimes they are a little severe. I hate to criticize Olivia for anything, as if her prominent skull features would ever stop me. It's something I notice about her when she's thin like this. I'm sure I could get used to it pretty fast though. In fact, just looking at these pics for the last hour or so has already sold me on her thinner face. So, like, forget about all that other stuff I just said.

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Drool Back
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12:12AM on 04/23/2013
Crazy hot eyes, and really nice hair in these pics!
Crazy hot eyes, and really nice hair in these pics!
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