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Olivia Wilde just got a whole lot of Depends soiled in a different manner

Oct. 28, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
The other day, I paid the low, low cost of a couple of bucks to see THE CHANGE-UP at the second-run theater in town and can confirm that it was indeed as bad as you assumed it would be. Lost of boobs, lots of gross humour. But also lots of moments where you get to see uber hottie Olivia Wilde shine. Hell, those couple of bucks got one good tickle out of me if only for the scene where she's got 4 bikers between her legs, checking on the quality of her vaginal ink work. (Shit, should I have prefaced that with SPOILER ALERT?) But when Wilde goes shopping on her off days, it appears that she's less interested in hooking someone from the Ryan Reynolds pool and more from your grandpa's gin rummy party. Sincerely, she is a breathtakingly beautiful woman. And I'm pretty sure she's the only one who could get away with wearing this dress in public without simultaneously between under the age of 80.

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12:48PM on 10/28/2011
I'd like to hide under her dress like a little child.
I'd like to hide under her dress like a little child.
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