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Olivia Wilde naturally is a vision while celebrating Visionaries

Sep. 19, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Conde Naste night be the last huge publication company for magazines and other periodicals, so they're keeping the flames stoked by having events like The Visionaries, a time to celebrate those who are in different industries who help to make a difference, seeing what could be possible and making that dream come true. And when you need a woman who is perfect proof that being a vision is in and of itself a Visionary move, how can you go wrong? Olivia Wilde might be receiving an award for downgrading from royalty to SNL feature player, perhaps convincing people that if she's agreeing to bump uglies with him, she must have some insight on him that we don't know about. Now THAT would make her a true visionary in my book. Because frankly, if a guy is funny enough to make me laugh, chances are he's an even weirder looking motherf*cking than Jason Sudekis. As in, I'd totally do Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Mike Birbiglia, and yes... even @fluffyguy. Where's my award?

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11:28AM on 09/19/2012
Wilde is as lovely as ever.
Wilde is as lovely as ever.
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