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Olivia Wilde's personal baggage is monogrammed

Aug. 1, 2012by: Droz

Enchantress Olivia Wilde was at something called the "Alternative Apparel Shopbop" the other day, which sounds about as girly a thing as could ever happen. Very few heterosexual guys there not being dragged in by a woman. And what better way to appease a ravenous horde of blood-thirsty shopaholics than to pass out some handbags, markers and stencils, thus simultaneously satiating both the female instinct to collect unreasonable numbers of bags and their need to constantly apply decoration to things. Very savvy of those Alternative Apparel folks. Just look at the effect it had on Olivia and her friends. They're all delirious with pride and satisfaction, sitting around customizing their cute bags. This is like the perfect crowd control for women. Just dangle some cute bags and shoes in front of an unwieldy crowd of female protestors and a they'd be instantly pacified. You could do the same thing with guys, only it would have to be tits and beer. I'm surprised the WTO folks haven't tried this yet.

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