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One more Berenice Marlohe spread to wrap up her week in style

Nov. 2, 2012by: Droz

Yep, we've been heavy on the Berenice Marlohe lately. What can we say, it's her week and she's everywhere lately. Plus, the girl is hot. What, did you think they were going to cast someone fugly for their latest Bond girl? Yeah, right. This time around it's Berenice in the pages of GQ India, giving a garage full of classic cars a nice view of her lingerie choices. Pretty captivating woman right there. She's got a lot of nice features, but I can't get over her eyes - so mysterious, so exotic. I'm such a total pushover for a set of eyes like that. I consider myself a pretty independent-minded person, but I doubt there is anything she couldn't make me do by flashing those bewitching peepers at me in just the right way. That's my one greatest weakness, now revealed to the entire world. That's okay. Ladies, feel free to overpower me with your beautiful eyes any time you like. Consider me your pathetic manservant.

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