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Palicki Upfront Fox

May. 18, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
She was one of the best things about the movie LEGION earlier this year and she's going to be one to look for amongst the babes of the film ELEKTRA LUXX later this year (and by that, I'm mainly thinking about Timothy Olypant personally because I'd crawl on broken glass to get to that man), but first Adrianne Palicki put in some face time during the time of year that the TV stations get out their line-ups and dust them off to show potential viewers what crap they have in store for them. Palicki used to be a part of "Friday Night Lights," before NBC started kicking that show around. Not quite sure what she was promoting here. I DO look forward to catching her in the RED DAWN reboot as well, being that she's a vast improvement in casting over Jennifer Grey. I disagree on the Isabel Lucas in the Lea Thompson role though. Come on... Lea in her prime, Little Miss Amanda Jones... Damn.

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Extra Tidbit: She looks so much hotter as a brunette, it's ridiculous.
Source: Celebrity Snap

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11:59PM on 05/18/2010
She is sexy brunette or blond.
She is sexy brunette or blond.
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