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Paltrow, Kruger & Holmes

May. 26, 2010by: Randy the Ram

A lot of useless awards exists in the world, especially within the entertainment industry, that's not a bad thing if we get to see a sample of beautiful hotties. Such is the case of UK's National Movie Awards, where YOU get to pick the winners. Wow, what a novel idea! You can already guess who were the main winners of the night, yes, the TWILIGHT people, high five!

On the red carpet, while not as exciting as seeing the TWILIGHT movies, Gwyneth Paltrow got all gogo-mom from the 60's and let me say it's a look that works for her, just like when she starred in that crappy "flight attendant" movie. Katie Holmes stopped by as well, looking like a fancy clown, curious how you rarely see Katie in public so I would've guessed that she's a bit more careful when deciding what to wear.  Diane Kruger on the other hand looks great everytime I see her, even though her hair is all over the place... I bet she got a little frisky with ol' Joshey Jackson, just look at their picture togheter, you know those two just had sex.


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