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Paz Vega is elegantly hot in a Bazaar kind of way

2 years agoby: Droz
I think the last time I saw Paz Vega in anything was that Adam Sandler movie SPANGLISH in 2004. She seems to be mostly about the Spanish movies from her native country and thus doesn't show up around here much. She was about the only pleasing thing about that horrible movie. 10 years later and Paz is still pretty damn pleasing, as you can see in this spread from Harper's Bazaar. She's got that elegant European thing happening, with a statuesque quality you'd think descends from the muses that inspired Renaissance classics. Paz looks pretty good poolside in a one-piece, but as with most things hottie related, I much prefer her naked. I happened to catch her movie CARMEN on cable once years ago, which was fun experience. Comes with a lot of subtitles, but she was basically naked through the whole thing which was just fine by me. What an amazing body she had in that movie. Gotta appreciate those women who can go from 25 to 35 relatively untouched, despite having kids and facing the onslaught of aging and everything else time does to our bodies. I hope she has cause to get naked again real soon.

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Source: Harper's Bazaar


Drool Back
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12:39PM on 06/12/2013
Way better than that other Paz, de la Huerta.
Way better than that other Paz, de la Huerta.
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