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Feb. 4, 2008by: Seth Gecko

There are so many friggin' awards shows going on right now that I'm having a hard time keeping them straight gents and this particular one completely eluded me. Apparently and it would seem the evidence that it happened is right in my face, the "19th Annual Producer's Guild of America Awards" took place during the weekend where tons of celebrities came out to honour the most current and critically acclaimed films. It was a big event and many films took away top honours.

However, we're more focused on the most beautiful ladies who also decided to attend and trust me, many came. Film stars such as Diane Lane, Ellen Page, Ali Larter and Christina Applegate attended and while all of them looked pretty damn good, it's Applegate that I think it's starting to lose her touch. Is it just me or does she look like a plastic doll in her shots below? It's kinda freaky when she's staring right at you in some shots so just be warned. Other than that though, they all looked pretty damn cute.

All in all though, it was another star-studded red carpet and we always love when the ladies throw on their best dresses. So take a few minutes then and check out the wicked shots below and stay tuned as there may be more coming soon.

The hottie photos are in the following order: Diane Lane, Ellen Page, Ali Larter and Christina Applegate.

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