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Phoebe Tonkin aces the pinup style in GQ Australia

Jan. 14, 2014by: Cherry Liquor

I think I might have just been saying that Australians are producing some of the most obscenely good looking people strolling their way through the world and much to the gratitude of all of our eye balls, Hollywood as well. This includes "The Originals" star, Phoebe Tonkin who took to the pages of GQ Australia in a photo shoot that the magazine coordinated for the actress, featuring her in bras, panties, stockings, high heels and all things pinup goodness.

Tonkin, who got her start on Australian television, has been kicking around shows on The CW (formerly The WB, that network which brought angst-ridden programming like "Dawson's Creek" to the telly) from "The Secret Circle" to "The Vampire Diaries," where she was cast as a sexy werewolf, blasting the Jacob vs Edward argument clear out of the water to her current show.

Phoebe is also set to appear in 2014's THE EVER AFTER, that movie co-written by another hot Aussie, Teresa Palmer and her baby daddy, Mark Webber. With a cast that also features Palmer, Rosario Dawson and Jaime King, the abundance of hot babe flesh should make the movie an instant classic.

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Source: Superior Pics


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11:45AM on 01/14/2014
Highly underrated Aussie babe.
Highly underrated Aussie babe.
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