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Joss Whedon is well known for making movies that fanboys and girls clamber about like rabid spider monkeys. Yet the writer/director also professes that those same cult favorites aren't exactly what get him into film festivals. The 2012 Toronto Film Festival is only the second festival that the cult god has been to, making him nervous about discussion of his simple black & white movie, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, getting the attention that it has been. It made sense for THE AVENGERS to be the biggest summer movie of 2012, grossing well over $650 million domestically, essentially guaranteeing that the modest MAAN, filmed in only 12 days' time, will easily find itself a distributor. Says Whedon, "Amy’s the best actress I’ve ever worked with. Get ready for an ace star performance. People were speechless. We started the home Shakespeare readings 10 years ago or more. It was season five or season six of Buffy. Sarah Michelle Gellar did not do the readings. A smattering of writers and actors from the shows did them. With Much Ado, eventually the technology changed to the point where you can make a movie, and not just a stage reading, but an actual production at home.” And I'm sure us Whedonites will more than happily slap down some clams for that sauce.

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