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Pink in a bikini 20 months post baby looks damn good to me

02.27.2013by: Cherry Liquor
I have a friend, Boomer, who hails from Pennsylvania. I went to go visit him last year and drink in the beauty that is the East Coast during springtime. I did a lot of touristy things that he had planned for me. (Yes, everyone does run up the steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and dance in circles with their arms over their heads like ROCKY. No joke.) I also got to see things that were off the map of normal tourist agenda crap. Like driving past the home that P!nk (Alecia Moore) grew up in. How did my buddy know where this was? Because back in the day, the "33-year old" (can you sense my sarcasm?) lived in Doylestown. A self-described punker chick who never fought with her mother and father and brother like she's made out to have in her earlier songs, I even got to see the Burger King where she worked as a cashier, described my Boomer's Mom as "That Burger King with all the weirdos working there." The long and short story of it is that while Alecia might be on-and-off happily married to Carey Hart and have a precious little girl named Willow, she once was just another middle-class spoiled brat who loved to sneak out to go to parties in the middle of nowhere. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. Hell, that's how I grew up and now I'm... well, f*ck. I'm nowhere near as famous as her. And Burger King sucks anyway.

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5:59PM on 02/27/2013

Little too much

Looks extremely fit - good for her. Just looks weird with such abdominal definition..
Looks extremely fit - good for her. Just looks weird with such abdominal definition..
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