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Pixie Lott does the super cute thing while performing at the LG Arena

Dec. 4, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
We all love our pop stars in the US but sometimes I wonder if the pop star sensation hasn't been perfected in the UK. There are a ton of groups who are popular overseas that many people in the states have never heard of and the people of the UK seem to celebrate them with more fervor than we show our artists here, even if they do go nuts for a select few. There was the whole phenomenon of The Spice Girls and of course there's the more current version of that, The Saturdays, but it appears that cute little Pixie Lott is still causing a nice ripple in the pop world. She was one of the performers on hand the other night at the LG Arena, doing her retro look thing with a short dress that showed off her rather fit stems. I gotta say, I don't know much about her music but I sure do like to look at her.

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Source: Contact Music

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