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Portman... ew!

Apr. 11, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

From the very beginning of her movie career, where she's a young girl who develops what appears to be a very grown-up crush on Jean Reno in the movie LEON (or THE PROFESSIONAL, for the less movie-geek inclined), you got this feeling that Natalie Portman was into odd looking older guys. That continued with her character Marty in BEAUTIFUL GIRLS and the not-aged-well Timothy Hutton.

But Natalie's found herself a new beau in real life instead of reel life, in the form of folk singer Devendra Banhart. (Yup, that's a guy's name.) The two have been spotted out and about sharing some deep PDA moments (rare for Nat in her previous relationships), much to the chagrin of people around them who apparently kept asking, "Why is Natalie Portman making out with that homeless dude?"

He wasn't as bad looking as he's become in recent years, having been compared looks-wise to Jim Morrison back at the start of his career. But the fact that his recent album is entitled Little Boys in which he actually sings about little boys makes me wonder if he's going to convince our darling Nat to shave her head again. The man based his album on NAMBLA, for f*ck's sake! Surely you can do better than this! We hear Sean Penn is open for anything and has an open-minded wife.

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