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Premiere: 10,000 BC

7 years agoby: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifI swear that this movie practically came out of nowhere and I can't believe that it's only a week away from finally being released. The anticipated new action film, "10,000 B.C." is starting to look pretty awesome at this point and I have faith in Roland Emmerich that he'll deliver one hell of a popcorn flick because he is damn good at it (C'mon, everybody loves "Independence Day"!). I'm definitely going to be lining up next week, especially with all the sweet new trailers that will apparently be attached.

With that in mind, our focus today for the new movie is it's main female lead who we've all come to adore and she is the lovely Camilla Belle. I remember seeing Camilla for the first time ever in "The Quiet" alongside Elisha Cuthbert and she just blew me away with her natural beauty. Her eyes could just pierce right through you and it looks like Roland took advantage of that in his latest flick by making them bright blue. Either way, she looks great and it was at the official premiere of the film yesterday that she looked even better.

The photos below were taken of Camilla at the official premiere in Berlin and she looks simply striking. So take a nice long peek at the shots of her below and watch out for the movie when it releases next Friday. Enjoy!

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