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Premiere: 27 Dresses

Jan. 8, 2008by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifHold onto your hats gents cause the hotties are blowing in (I know, that was terrible) and they're setting the red carpet on fire. I have to send out a warning to all men everywhere however when I say that even though you'll enjoy the photos below and not go see the movie, you'll probably be dragged to it anyway by your girlfriends or wives next Friday.

At the premiere of "27 Dresses" last night, a handful of gorgeous celebrities came for the event including it's lead female and rising star, Katherine Heigl. She looked unbelievably glamorous last night as she showed off those pearly whites, her soft skin and an incredible chest. Two other smokin' hotties with ample chests also attended including the forever-loved Jennifer Love Hewitt as well as Maria Menounos. Overall, an awesome premiere to start off 2008 so check out the great candids below and make sure you take your better half to see it next Friday.

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