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Premiere: Cop Out

5 years agoby: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifBack when the first "suitable for all audiences" trailer first came out for "Cop Out", I was truly dismayed as I thought that the great Kevin Smith had actually given into the pressures of a big movie studio and made his film "kid friendly" and that thought made me sick to my stomach. I've been a devoted fan to Kevin since my early days of puberty which is why I felt SO much better when the red-band trailer appeared for his latest flick. It proved to me that Kevin hasn't let up in the profanity/obscene department but also keeping the material very funny.

With this being Kevin's first official "big studio" movie, I think a celebration is in order and what better way to do so than posting some amazingly hot photos from the official premiere of the movie which took place last night. The entire gang appeared for the event (minus one beautiful Rashida Jones....*tear*) and they all looked great along with a few hottie fans as expected. So be sure to check out the great shots below and check out the movie when it releases on Friday.

The hottie photos below are in the following order: Michelle Trachtenberg, Jane Krakowski, Jennifer Schwalbach, Kelly Ripa and Ana De la Reguera.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: I support you in your fight against Southwest Airlines Kevin!


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12:29PM on 02/23/2010
That Silent Bob coat was money well-spent.

You hardly ever see him out of it when he's in public.
That Silent Bob coat was money well-spent.

You hardly ever see him out of it when he's in public.
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