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Premiere: Race to Witch Mountain

Mar. 12, 2009by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifHey, didn't we just see Carla Gugino looking hot on the red carpet for another movie last week? F#ck yeah we did and it only proves that Carla has been busy as hell as she had "Watchmen" premiere last week and now comes the much-anticipated "Race to Witch Moutain" which opens on Friday. I'm a tad bit on the fence with this flick as on one hand, it looks a little overdone and too comical. However at the same time, it does look like a fun and action-packed flick that's great for any family. Either way, I'm 100% convinced that it will be a box-office hit as families are desperately in need of distraction for their loved ones during these economic times as well as the fact that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a money-making machine.

As per tradition for all big releases, the official premiere took place last night and all the stars were out there to celebrate. For myself however, I only care about one perfect specimen and I'm sure you've already guessed who that is (Hint: It's not Dwayne). Carla looked absolutely spectacular last night even though her hair was a bit on the freaky side. This woman takes my breath away so make sure you check out the great premiere shots below and catch the film this Friday in theatres everywhere.

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