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Premiere: Snow Angels

Feb. 29, 2008by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifHappy Friday everybody and enjoy your day because we've got some amazing updates coming up. To start you all off, we present a very yummy treat that the stunningly gorgeous Kate Beckinsale has provided for everyone. Last night, the British goddess attended the premiere of her new drama titled, "Snow Angels" and so far, I've heard nothing but terrific things about this film. It's apparently one of Kate's best performances so I'm definitely going to be checking out this flick. Just the fact that Kate is in the movie is worth the ticket price alone.

As you can see in the candids below, Kate looks friggin' astonishing and it makes me hate Len Wiseman even more even though I do love the "Underworld" series. He's a lucky man to have her and I think we all wish we could be him for one day (or one night to be specific). So enjoy the shots below gents and watch out for the film when it releases on March 7, 2008.

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