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Premiere: The A-Team (Mexico City)

Jun. 2, 2010by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifMan I hope THE A-TEAM turns out to be as much fun as it looks. Given that the last half of May has been slow and full of horrendously reviewed flicks, I'm in need of a strong boost in action and laughs and this flick looks to be that guaranteed ticket. With such an awesome cast and a proven director behind the camera, I think we're in for a special treat. To be honest though, I could just sit there and watch Liam smoke stogies and talk about politics for two hours but that's me.

With the movie coming out next Friday, you can imagine that the cast are in full marketing mode and you'd be right as they appeared last night for the first premiere in Mexico City. Amongst the cast was the lovely Jessica Biel who always turns my head and my only hope is that she's wearing something sexy while blowing out guys kneecaps in the movie. She looked delicious for the premiere (not digging the dress but I imagine her naked anyway) and you can check out the very nice photos below. Enjoy!

The photos below are in the following order: Jessica Biel

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Director Joe Carahan directed a short film called "The Ticker" for BMW in 2002 and it was my favourite of the series.
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4:52PM on 06/02/2010


Seth, you're totally right. I bought the BMW films DVD, and 'Ticker' is by far the best of them all. Good call. - G
Seth, you're totally right. I bought the BMW films DVD, and 'Ticker' is by far the best of them all. Good call. - G
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