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PromoPics: Amanda Bynes

Mar. 8, 2006by: John Murdoch
Recently, reader Mike, who we like to call Mr. Cool, sent us these promo pics for the upcoming teen rom com SHE'S THE MAN. We initially thought they were as generic as many we've seen before but on closer inspection, we noticed Amanda Bynes is looking exponentially more delicious than we've ever seen her. Her rack, in particular, is busting at the literal seams. We knew Amanda was carrying a delightful pair upstairs but we had no idea they were this impressive. Further, given that the film's a teen rom com centering on Amanda's character infiltrating an all-boys prep school under her brother's identity (and as the trailer makes painfully clear, there's a convoluted string of crushes), we have no idea why there's a CSI: Malibu theme going on. We suppose the faux-poses, somber background, and Amanda's delectable funbags just about ready to pop out of her dress do convey the very Melrose Place nature of crushes and backstabbing. Even so, there's some debate as to whether they're authentic or merely the expert work of master photoshoppers. The fact is, it's not our place to question anything about an impressive rack. One more pic after the jump…
bynes-man2.jpg bynes-man3.jpg
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