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PromoPics: Demi Moore

8 years agoby: Seth Gecko

I absolutely worship Demi Moore and the career she has paved for herself because she really took everything to the limit when it came to a character or role. In "Striptease", she dared to take it all off and put on probably the sexiest striptease scenes ever while in "G.I. Jane", she shaved all her hair off and took on a role that very few women could have physically done. Demi will always be close to the top of my list no matter who might come along.

Which is why I'm going to dedicate this week's "Hottie Promos" post to her and the sexiest movie she ever did, "Disclosure". Many of you might question my choice since she didn't take many clothes off but it was something else that made her so hot in this film. Her dominance over her fellow men and her sheer sexual prowess towards Michael Douglas was just unbelievable and all she had to do was show off her amazing legs and speak with that sexy voice that anyone could recognize. You're a rare gem Demi and so I dedicate these extremely rare high-resolution candids to you. Enjoy!

Demi Moore - "DISCLOSURE" (HQ)

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