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PromoPics: Diane Kruger

Dec. 3, 2007by: Seth Gecko

I will honestly admit in front of everyone that I thought the first "National Treasure" movie was fantastic and a great popcorn flick. A few bits parts annoyed me (like finding that ship so easily in the beginning of the movie) but it was still a smart and fun ride. With that said, I'm really looking forward to the coming sequel called "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets" as it has a much cooler storyline and Ed Harris is the bad guy which is worth the price of admission alone (Ed is the man!).

There is yet another element to the "National Treasure" films that also draws me to them and that is the talented and beautiful Diane Kruger who will reprise her role as Abigail Chase. She's one hot blonde and I can't wait to see those sparkling eyes once again when the movie opens. Which is why we've posted a brand-new promotional photo of Diane from the movie below and she looks amazing. So enjoy the promo and watch for the movie when it releases everywhere on December 21, 2007. A huge thanks to palpatine2002 for the scoop!

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