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PromoPics: Rebecca Romijn

12.06.2007by: Seth Gecko

I'll never forget the first time I laid my eyes upon the sexy and gifted actress we all know as Rebecca Romijn and that was when I went to see the first "X-Men" film back in 2000 (Time goes by so fast huh?). Her performance as Mystique was outstanding and her physique just blew me away. From that point on, I was hooked on Rebecca and I still am to this day. I still think though that she remains one of the most underrated hotties of our generation due to her lack of lead roles in films.

Then two years later, it was announced that she would star in the new Brian De Palma erotic thriller called "Femme Fatale" and I was instantly excited to see it just for Rebecca. I didn't know what to expect and what I got was an unbelievable dose of Rebecca in her hottest movie to date. I consider her performance in this film to be as close to Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" as you can possibly get. She was so captivating in the movie that I just couldn't peal my eyes from the screen when she was on. I haven't met a single person (male or female) that wasn't turned on by her strip scene on the barge.....*runs and pops in the DVD*.

Therefore, I dedicate this week's "Hottie Promos" to Rebecca Romijn and the role that solidified her as one of the hottest actresses working today. I hope that she does more films like this in the future and that she'll finally getting the leading roles that she deserves. So enjoy the fantastic and very rare high-quality promotional stills below and keep your eyes out for her future projects. Rebecca Romijn....we salute you!

Rebecca Romijn - "FEMME FATALE" (UHQ)

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