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PromoPics: Righteous Kill

8 years agoby: Seth Gecko

Is it just me or is Carla Gugino sexier when she's wearing more masculine clothing? I pose this question to all of you because some women can pull it off while others have a more difficult time. I do honestly think that a woman in pants is sexier than a woman in a skirt but that's just the way I am. Carla however just oozes sex appeal no matter what she wears so it's no surprise that she's worn a schmorgisboard of different outfits for her various roles which range from the most revealing to very little skin at all. If you've seen today's "Hottie Clip of the Day", you know what I mean.

The main reason that we being all of this stuff up is because we've just received the first exclusive still photo of Carla in the highly-anticipated crime drama called "Righteous Kill" that stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino as two badass detectives who are trying to catch a killer. Carla looks amazing in the suit pants and long-sleeve shirt but the badge is just icing on the cake when it comes to how sexy her look is. Enjoy the photo and a big thanks to Creedmoor for the great scoop!

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