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PromoPics: Sigourney Weaver

8 years agoby: Seth Gecko

It's the closing of another week everybody and we have a special treat for all the sci-fi/horror fans out there as well as those like myself who absolutely love Sigourney Weaver. In 1979, probably the greatest science fiction masterpiece released to the world and blew everyone to the back of their seats. It was the "Jaws" of outer space and we all know it as Ridley Scott's "Alien". It's one film that will be loved and cherished a century from now and maybe even further.

Not only did the movie become an instant classic but it's main female lead was catapulted to stardom and legendary status almost immediately which she still benefits from to this day. Sigourney was fantastic in the "Alien" series and I truly believe that she paved the way for female actresses to be portrayed as tough chicks that you don't want to mess with. As well, she is a true beauty and deserves the spotlight even now.

So we dedicate this week's ultra high-resolution "Hottie Promos" to Sigourney in honour of her hotness, talent and for creating one of the most memorable roles of all-time. Sigourney.....we salute you!

Sigourney Weaver - "ALIEN" (UHQ)

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Drool Back
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8:12PM on 11/09/2007

We need the undie pics!

And the images of Ripley in her underwear are -- where?
And the images of Ripley in her underwear are -- where?
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