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Rachael Leigh Cook takes us to Kingdom Come

Oct. 3, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

If you knew about this independent drama called BROKEN KINGDOM starring Rachael Leigh Cook, then you sir, are more attentive to details than I. This thing really snuck up on me, as it has no reviews and little word-of-mouth, but I'm still glad Rachael's keeping herself busy. The director of that film also had a helping hand in his buddies' documentary about the current state of Independent Film, KINGDOM COME. The two movies somewhat go hand-in-hand, so Rachael attended the premiere of that as well, and it goes without saying she is still one sexy pussycat! For someone I really didn't think was "all that" back in the '90's, she's definitely matured into some fine tasting wine. If I had her alone in my kitchen, it'd look like a drug PSA when we were through with it. That one's a thinker. Rachael still has several other projects in the works, some short films and some independent. This is good news, even if just for the fact that we'll get to see her in more low-cut dresses at the premieres. Good times.

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6:21PM on 10/03/2012
Still hot as hell.
Still hot as hell.
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