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Rachel Bilson busts out the short shorts on the set of The To Do List

Jul. 14, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
I find it funny that Rachel Bilson is still playing a high school grad when the actress is 29-years old in real life. Sure, Ralph Macchio got away with it, but he also ended up on "Dancing with the Has-Beens." THE TO DO LIST follows Bilson's teen character who is looking to do some hooking up before she heads off to college. The cast sounds good (includes Aubrey Plaza, Connie Britton and Andy Samberg) and from the look of some of the costumes we're seeing from the set pics, it might be fun to check out modern day actors fleshing out a, um, period piece? How much time has to go by before you can start referring to it as being a period piece? Because think about going up to a person from the 1960's and showing them your iPod. I imagine it would have the same effect as showing someone from the 1860's your indoor plumbing.

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Source: Daily Mail

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10:10AM on 07/14/2011
Nice legs.
Nice legs.
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