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Rachel Bilson has selling Magnums to Canadians on her To-Do list

May. 29, 2012by: Cherry Liquor

Has a single soul out there (who is reading this site) bothered to watch "Hart of Dixie"? While Rachel Bilson might be a cutie and all, she's better off trying to shill overpriced ice cream to me than a show about some chick looking to find herself in a small town. Bilson looks as if she were born in a cardboard box on some studio lot, never having seen the outside world. Great if you were a part of the industry back in the dawning ages of film and television. Not so great if you want to book roles these days, where your next door neighbor can get a "reality" television show for farting louder than any other suburban mom within her 100 mile radius.

So Rachel took to Toronto yesterday to sell that very ice cream (the name of which is Magnum and only brings to my perverted mind thoughts of oversized condoms) and talk briefly about her role in next year's THE TO-DO LIST, where she's going to be playing a recent high school graduate looking to do some fun stuff before heading on to college. I'd mock it but the film is written and directed by Maggie Carey, one of the sharpest wits over at and the film will co-star Clark Gregg (our beloved Agent Phil Coulson), Bill Hader, Aubrey Plaza, Donald Glover (from that show "Community" that everyone but me has constructed an idol altar for) and McLovin himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. So as much as it stands the chance of sucking, the cast also gives it a great opportunity to surprise. Looking forward to it like an ice cream pop with a surprise fudge filled center. Man, that sounded dirty.

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6:40PM on 05/29/2012
Rachel Bilson could most likely sell me any damn thing she wants . She's so freakin' cute , it hurts !!
Rachel Bilson could most likely sell me any damn thing she wants . She's so freakin' cute , it hurts !!
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9:17AM on 05/29/2012
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