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Rachel McAdams has a Sheen to her at the Gospel of Us premieres

Apr. 12, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
In case you're not all that up-to-date with the basic celebrity gossip, Rachel McAdams used to be semi-madly in love with her NOTEBOOK co-star, Ryan Gosling, who I just so happened to feel like featuring as a "news" post today as well. Now she's starring in a drama called THE GOSPEL of us with co-star Michael Sheen, a dude she's been romantically attached to and been caught sucking face with whenever one of them goes to the airport to jet off to another work assignment. Seeing as how when they were in London and Wales over these past couple days, supporting the release of their movie and couldn't bear to have their pictures taken apart, I'll venture that they're still fairly mad for one another. Oh, and don't forget that Sheen is the man who used to be Kate Beckinsale's baloney pony and is the father of her only daughter. Because it's all one loving family in Hollyweird.

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Source: Just Jared

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