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Rachel McAdams has some sterling silver curves for Sherlock

Dec. 7, 2011by: Droz

I'm pretty excited about the next SHERLOCK HOLMES movie, having enjoyed the last one immensely. There's nobody better than Robert Downey Jr. for that particular part, and his and Jude Law's interplay as Sherlock and Watson was a big part of why that movie was so great. Of course, the 3rd element in that equation was the delightful Rachel McAdams, seen here at the SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS premiere, who plays the sultry thief and all around mischief-maker Irene Adler. Really glad to see her back in that role, as her interplay with RDJ was also entertaining.

I'm excited about the fact that Moriarty is in this one, though the trailers seem to suggest a lot more gun battles and train jumps than one expects from a story about Sherlock Holmes. The interaction between Holmes and Moriarty has traditionally been an intriguing psychological and physical battle two equally matched genius opponents. I know director Guy Ritchie is taking the story of Sherlock to a different place, but I hope he's preserved some aspect of the past as far as those characters go. I'd hate to see their encounters boiled down to explosions and gun battles.

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Drool Back
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12:11AM on 12/08/2011
My favorite hottie. Love this woman.
My favorite hottie. Love this woman.
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10:40PM on 12/07/2011
I liker her so much.
I liker her so much.
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