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Rachel Weisz cleaves the competition at the Bourne Legacy Premiere

3 years agoby: Droz

Bond squeeze Rachel Weisz was at the premiere of her new movie THE BOURNE LEGACY, putting her own legacies out there in her tight little black number. I have little doubt that Rachel will look great and give a great performance in this. I don't think she's ever let me down in any of her movies I've seen. Still a bit unsure of this new BOURNE movie, though. First and foremost, because Jason Bourne isn't in it. Sounds a bit silly to name a movie after a character who isn't in it. I suppose their answer to that is that having the movie unfold alongside the events of the previous BOURNE film gives it legitimacy. Still reeks of commercialism, though. Someone clearly didn't have the guts to start out a new franchise right and give it its own title. Why not call it the Treadstone Legacy or something to that effect? Makes sense, fits the story, connects with the previous films. I guess the poor, dumb rubes in the audience couldn't put 2 and 2 together if the title wasn't directly referencing the movies it's spinning off from. Actually, they may have a point there.

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