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Rachel Weisz looks a little cold in a hot red dress for Esquire

Mar. 6, 2013by: Droz

What do you guys think? Is Rachel Weisz the hottest 42-year-old on the planet? I don't think she's got many rivals for that position. This woman is just dripping with sticky sweet sensuality from every pore in her body, as exemplified by this latest spread for Esquire UK. I can't think of anything I don't find totally enrapturing about Rachel. Shall we go through the list? First and foremost, well, just look at the woman. You really don't need to consider anything else beyond that, but there's actually more. She's a great actress too and has a lot of fantastic movies to her credit. Add to that her reputation as a completely congenial, all around cool kind of gal and you got nothing by aces in my book. Hell, I even like her choice in husband. Girl married James Bond. That's pretty goddamn cool. Normally I'm content to hate the spouses of my beloved hottie desires with every ounce of my being, however I think an evening hanging out with Rachel and Dan would be a blast. Who wouldn't want to duck into one of those quaint little English pubs they got over there and get plowed on some dark bitter all night with the two of them? Yep, they're the ultimate cool couple.

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Source: Esquire


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12:27AM on 03/07/2013
i bet women in their 20s wished they looked this good. i mean wow Rachel looks great.
i bet women in their 20s wished they looked this good. i mean wow Rachel looks great.
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