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Radha's A Rogue

Nov. 7, 2007by: Seth Gecko

If there is one hot Hollywood actress that deserves the goods, it's Radha Mitchell because she has yet to get the roles that she deserves even though she has proven more than once that she can take on anything. Whether it be live-in-the-dark aliens, Mexican kidnappers, Vin Diesel's one-liners, boyfriend issues and huge pyramid-shaped head guys with giant fucking swords and an attitude, Radha has tackled them all.

She may have met her match this time though as she stars in yet another killer crocodile film called "Rogue" (Not the movie with Jason Statham and Jet Li) which is about a hungry man-eating crocodile that is stalking a group of Australian tourists in the Outback. I actually did like "Lake Placid" (Oliver Platt and Brendan Gleeson were hilarious) but when can you say "enough is enough". As well, could this movie also have the worst tagline in cinematic history?

It doesn't matter though because we're going to get a special treat hopefully when Radha falls into some kind of muddy swamp and then has to strip down to stay nice and dry. Until we get to see that though, we've just found some awesome new photos of Radha at the Australian premiere of the film which officially releases tomorrow but not worldwide unfortunately. So enjoy the photos and pray that Radha doesn't get chewed to bits in the movie. A big thanks to Okami for the scoop!

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