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Rebecca Gayheart has traded Noxzema for bronzer as her morning ritual

Nov. 18, 2010by: Lester Diamond
Hotties from days past seem to be crawling out of the woodwork lately. I instantly flashed backed to pubescent years once I saw Rebecca Gayheart snapped at the premiere for BURLESQUE. The former Noxzema girl (watching her wash that face was inspiring) has been out of the limelight for quite some time, so it throws me a bit off noticing...she's a lot more tan than I remember her being. After all, the major part of her appeal during "the beeper era", was her milky white skin that she so lovingly took care of in countless ommercials. However, skin color or odd lighting aside, Rebecca has a killer body! For pushing 40, she's still looking fit, trim, and sexy in that tight purple dress. I wonder if her face was the only part of her body she rubbed Noxzema?

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Extra Tidbit: Fun Fact: Rebecca and her husband appear to be down with OPP (to keep with her 90's theme). A video of the duo and a former Miss Teen USA surfaced of them all having fun (with drugs) in a hot tub last year. I always knew I liked her for more reasons than face cream.
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