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Rene Russo's legacy of hotness endures

Aug. 2, 2012by: Droz

Blast from the past Rene Russo was at the premiere of THE BOURNE LEGACY the other day, looking pretty damn good for a woman coming up on 60 years old. Rene might have put her sex symbol days behind her and mostly departed from movie screens, but I still recall the days when she was a sprite 40-something blowing the doors off of hotties half her age. The mid-90s were clearly her peak time in Hollywood, with memorable performances in movies like GET SHORTY, TIN CUP, OUTBREAK and THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, the latter of which saw her do some nude scenes. 45-year old's getting naked usually evoke squirming discomfort. Rene's resilience against father time overcame that and afforded her a lot of casting leeway in her short time in the limelight. She broke on the scene in her mid 30s, so she was never the schoolgirl character. No matter if you were her age or a snot-nosed teen like I was, Rene's hot, older woman vibe was understood and acknowledged by most folks. The years might have finally caught up with Rene a bit, but she's still got a quality I appreciate. Were I in the market for a 58-year old, she'd be right at the top of my wishlist.

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