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Renee Olstead continues to clean up her image at the 18 for 18 event

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
If I were a person who chided chicks on what types of pictures they decided to send to their boyfriends, I'd be in jail for hypocrisy. I'm well aware of the fact that whatever gets transmitted digitally can come back to haunt me. My only calming thought on the matter is that I'm not famous enough to have those images hacked and/or leaked by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend or as attention worthy to get the hackers to spread them all over the interwebs. Therefore, I really don't have a lower opinion of Renee Olstead because she had some of the raciest and X-rated images spread around of her about a year ago. Instead, I'm looking at that pretty face, that infectious smile and understanding the one thing that's allotted to males but not to females. You think "boys will be boys" is a good excuse for poor behavior. I think "girls will be girls" is a good excuse for a girl's momentary lack of good judgment. 18 for 18 is a fundraising event to help bring attention to the plight of human trafficking. If a chick who took nude pics of herself is willing to put on clothes and lend her time and effort to the cause, I say all the more power to her.

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