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Renee Olstead is really popping out this week

Oct. 25, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

I'm glad my fellow schmoes and I can finally come to an agreement on an under-appreciated hottie, Renee Olstead. Yesterday, she attended Maxim's Rock The Vote & Assassin's Creed 3 party (sort of an odd combination of themes). I find this girl to be incredibly adorable, but she also has features that strike my interest below the belt. I've been over the fact the she was in 13 GOING ON 30. She also had parts in END OF DAYS and SPACE COWBOYS as a child, but I had no clue she would turn out to be this hot. Another thing I suppose is worth mentioning is her career in music. She's released five albums (only two of which made it to mainstream radio), and has provided songs for motion-picture soundtracks as well. Obviously it's all very poppy stuff, but she seems to be pretty poppy herself if you catch my drift. Renee's not super-stacked like Christina Hendricks or Jordan Carver, but she's definitely got a pair of nicely proportioned, well-rounded chesticles. Shine on, sister!

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Extra Tidbit: This is a chick I'd love to see more of, what about you?

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