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Ricci Gets Leggy

Apr. 1, 2008by: Seth Gecko

Damn, could this woman get any cuter? Maybe it's just me but I look at Christina Ricci from an entirely new perspective after I saw "Black Snake Moan" a while back. It was a pretty good movie overall but she was downright disturbing in it at times. However, getting a chance to see her naked several times over makes up for that flaw quite a bit so you won't get any complaints from me....I miss the "Casper" days!

With "Speed Racer" coming up pretty damn soon, I wouldn't be the least surprised if we start seeing a lot of Christina for sure. As per tradition here at, we follow every event which Ricci attends so we present these wicked new candids of her which were taken the other day at the "Ferragamo Fashion Show". I have no idea what it was about and I honestly don't give a shit since I'm not a fashion guy. However, Christina looked mighty fine with those legs and gorgeous smile so take a gander below and enjoy.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

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