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Rihanna is unapologetic about stuff, like having dumb tattoos

Dec. 4, 2012by: Droz

Rihanna has a spread in December's GQ where she apparently talks about some of the really poor decisions she's been making lately. For instance, putting that ridiculous tattoo across the underside of her tits. I'm all for Ancient Egyptian art, but not when it defaces a pair of lovely tits like Rihanna's. Such a shame. These pics are only a preview for the spread that accompanies her article, so no telling what she speaks about. I'll bet talk of her former beau, asshole extraordinaire Chris Brown, is kept to a minimum. Also the fact that she's hanging around with him again, possibly even dating him - the same guy that beat the shit out of her a few years back. Hey, I've been guilty of double-dipping on the ex's a few times. It's an appealing thing. None of that "getting-to-know-you" shit. You know how to read them and you know what they like and don't like. Of course, you also know that they are capable either of leaving you or pissing you off enough to make you leave, which makes it a doomed prospect more often than not. In Rihanna's case, you also know (or should know) that they're capable of breaking your face open on a whim, which would seem to put a wrinkle or two in the whole second chance scenario. Wisdom and carefully weighed choices don't seem to be Rihanna's thing though. Good luck to her anyway. I hope she keeps her health insurance paid up.

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